Create 3D pdfs from Discover 3D (alternative solution: Free 3D Viewer)Now Available

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Would be great if we could do this - Acrobat 9 used to have this facility but 10 doesn't, and 9 doesn't run very well on Windows 7!

Mar 27, 2012
Unfortunately 3D PDF support is not on the short term Discover 3D roadmap.

However, we are intending on releasing a lightweight (less than 50MB download) and completely free Discover 3D Viewer, with no licensing required (therefore anyone can install and run it with no MI Pro/Encom products installed). This is scheduled to be released in tandem with the Discover 2012 release in June.

This will allow Discover 3D users to share their compelte, complex 3D sessions (including drillholes, block models, imagery, grids, etc) with any other person (clients, consultants, shareholders, etc), who can then visualise the session in its entirety, with full navigation and zoom fucntionality.

Cleint beta testing should be underway soon.

Our free Discover 3D Viewer is now available from the pbEncom Downloads page.

This viewer will allow your fellow team members, clients, contractors or in fact anyway at all to open and view your Discover 3D 2012 sessions, without them needing MapInfo Pro, Discover or Discover 3D installed.

Alex Zdziarski
Product Manager

Oct 24, 2012
I think this idea needs to be looked at again. The ease of transmittal and navigation for 3D PDF's is great.

Jan 24, 2014
I agree with Jen111.

The ease of transmittal and navigation for 3D PDF's is currently easier to handle for people outside your profession (People that do not understand Geology and do not work with the Encom Discover Suite).

It will be great to be able to create 3D PDFs from Discover PA...

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