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  • Will Dispatcher 4 ever be supported on Window 7 OS? We currently have it on a 2008 server and clients are utlizing it on Window 7 machines. Currently having to use the XP emulator, which isn't supported either. A timeframe would be greatly appreciated.Posted by   to Other Nov 2, 2011

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I am the MailStream Plus Product Manager and we have had some preliminary discussion on supporting Dispatcher 4 on Windows 7 and are still considering the plans.  I believe the other products (CODE1 Plus and Finalist) are in the same situation..

I would like to understand more of how you are using Dispatcher 4 for MailStream Plus.  Would you provide me some additional insight to how you are using Dispatcher 4 and the number of people using Dispatcher 4.  Once I start analyzing the information I will most likely schedule a quick call with you to discuss.


Jan 10, 2012
Our organization is purging Windows XP in favor of Windows 7 as well.  Our network administrator has decreed that we are to have all XP operating systems replaced with Windows 7 by April of 2012.  We are therefore placed in a difficult position if Dispatcher 4 is not yet Windows 7 compatible.

Considering Windows 7's October 2009 release and this being the obvious direction regarding the OS (not to mention the Windows 8 release looming in the near future), it seems that software providers should be making a concentrated effort to migrate their applications to what is becoming an increasingly prevalent standard in operating systems.

A timeframe would be very helpful so that customers can align expectations.


Jan 19, 2012
I have been running Dispatcher4 on Windows 7 for the past year with no problems. I use MailStream Plus and other modules that run under D4. It is installed as a 32-bit app so it's under C:\Program Files (x86). Please advise if you have attempted install to see if it works in your environment. Dispatcher4 is not a native 64-bit app.

Tom S

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