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  • We have Stratus and are about to go live with it. Our problem is the lack of scroll bars on the side. Due to this the public is unable to see where the query box is or how to use it. It seems a little strange to create a site in which the user has to access a area inaccessible due to lack of scroll bars. Advanced users wont have any trouble with the click and drag option, but most of the general public don't fall under this category.Posted by   Sonya Mentha  to MapInfo Stratus Nov 17, 2011

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I agree, and have some confused Stratus users trying to use the query function. The query window is difficulet to resize on smaller screens while still retaining an acceptable map window size. The user is not easily able to identrfy how to run the query (ie you need to expand the window first - not intuitive). This needs to be clearer, perhaps added as part of the panel on the left side of the screen. 

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