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  •  I am looking for a feature or a software change to be added to the DW00 machines as well as the connect plus regarding the wow.  Since the recent rate change we have found what we call residual bump ups to be more difficult.  Residual bump ups for us is when we run mail on our mlocr and we have some pieces reject. These reject pieces require additional postage to be applied to the piece to make it a single piece rate.  With presorters metering their 1oz and 2oz presort at the same rate the residual end has become much more difficult.  It has always been an issue for automation flats, but it had been bearable up until now.  Below is an example of the residual pay up.
    1oz reject metered at .374 needs to add an additional postage amount of .076 to make it to a single piece .45 rate.
    2oz reject metered at .374 needs to add an additional postage amount of .276 to make it to a single piece .65 rate.
    Since the Post Office changed the 1oz and 2oz presort rate to the same amount,  these rates/ounces are mixed together.  After we run our mailing every day we are forced to deal with multiple rejects that we need to hand separate and try to figure out which are 2oz pieces vs 1oz pieces.  I would like to see an added wow feature to the “key in postage” setting.  Currently wow is automatically turned off when you select this category.  I would like to have the wow on when selecting this and then enter a key in amount of : 1oz: .076   and   2oz: .276 in which the wow then would apply which ever additional amount according to the oz.  This then would allow me to add the additional amounts for auto flats  1oz: .326    2oz .356     3oz: .386 etc. Basically build my own rate case.   Another thought would be to add a rate category for all these bump ups.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you with any options we may have to overcome these issues.
    Posted by   Jill Jackson  to Predictive Analytics - AnySite,TargetPro Feb 14, 2012

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