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  • The new MapInfo 11.5 legend designer is rasterised, which means that when exported to a PDF the objects can't be edited in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

    Many users do further enhancements to map products exported to PDFs . It is a significant limitation of the legend designer that the legend objects are now rasterised.

    Please make the legends vectorises, as they were in previous versions of MapInfo Pro.
    Posted by   Kalu  to MapInfo Professional Jul 9, 2012

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Aug 1, 2012
Thanks for this one. I totally agree. But what is even worse the rasterization process is demaging symbols (bluring in the very bad way) so I can't use many symbols in Legend Designer, in other words I can't use Legend Designer at all and have to use old terrible Legend Window... That is fatal error.

Aug 5, 2012
Yes, I agree this is a fatal error. For any Councils in NSW using MapInfo who are working to prepare their LEP maps this is a disaster - the Legend Designer is unusable - all maps have to be created in PDF using prescribed layouts. We have created our maps in pre MiPro 11.5 and now need to update them, I really do NOT want to have to uninstall 11.5 and go back to another version. What else can I do? This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Aug 5, 2012
Sue - it is still possible to use old Legend Window in MiP 11.5 if you are really in need: Option->Preferences->Legend Window-> tick “Create version 11.0 legends” - that is what I have to do at this moment till they fix it.

Sep 24, 2012
Just to add to this...

When saving layout window to jpg (using save window as tool) the fill pattern for my tab gets scaled in the map window but not in the new legend tool window resulting in the legend being incorrect. I have tried in the output preferences to turn off scale patterns (also tried with on, makes no difference).

Legend error

This is the one feature I was looking forward to in the latest realease... and it doesn't work, come on MapInfo, you can do better!

Oct 10, 2012
@Miro - there is a fix for the blurry symbols coming in v11.5.2 and available in beta very soon.

-- Eric Robinson, MapInfo Professional User Experience

Jan 22, 2013
Hello all,

As Eric mentioned, we tooks some steps in MI Pro v11.5.2 to solve this:

Here is a link to the release notes.

Here is a link to where you can download the v11.5.2 patch release

And here is the relevant snippet from the release notes:

Legend Designer Window now Displays Images more Clearly

The Legend Designer Window in MapInfo Professional 11.5 displays symbols as raster instead of vector, which

sometimes results in blurry images. In MapInfo Professional 11.5.2, the Legend Designer window changes the

rendering for point styles that are based on True Type Fonts, so that they are drawn as vector. Custom symbols, line

styles, and region styles must still be drawn as raster, but they now render without anti-aliasing and are not blurry. If

you wish to see smoothed custom symbols, line styles, and region styles, you can turn anti-aliasing on using the new

MapBasic command,

Set Designer Legend Antialias On.

There may be slight differences in the white space surrounding legend swatches when compared to previous versions,

because of the rendering changes made for point styles.

Feb 18, 2013
@eric.robinson , @Tom.Probert

Thank you for giving it try but I am still not happy with the result.

Point symbols are now clear, thank you again. But the rest...

1. If I don't use legend designer anti-alias
- and use map anti-alias - polygons and lines are terribly blur - column 1 in picture
- and not use map anti-alias - lines have strange endings - column 2 in picture
2. When I use anti-alias both in map and legend designer the result looks still blurry - column 3

User-added image

But now, do I have to tell everyone in company that if they want create proper layout, they must:
1. turn anti-alias on as default
2. always when creating legend use Mapbasic command

I am sorry, but I believe the second step is crazy magic for most of Mapinfo users. And the result is still too blur.

So to me at this moment the only way is not use anti-alias at all which gives lines in legend strange ends but if you remove that bug, it will be probably finally good enough to use.

Also is it PLEASE possible to change this "Idea Community" in the way I get your answers to my email?
Because not only we spent thousands dollars on your software I also spent my work time to write here comments and discuss it with you and it is really annoying to have to always find the topic again and check if you answered or not.

Seriously for example platform is 1000x better than this For community work it is crucial to have feedback!

Feb 20, 2013
Hello again Miro,

Thanks very much for taking the time to make those screen shots for us.  I'll make sure our development team sees this info.

I will also put in a request to have the option for e-mail notifications to be sent automatically when replies are made to a submission.  No idea where this will lead but I agree with the suggestion and would find it helpful myself.  Unfortunately we will not be moving away from using this system so we have to live with it or try to improve it.  For better or worse Pitney Bowes Software is using for a lot of things.  Mostly I think it is turning out for the better but just like with MI Pro that does not mean we don't have lots of ideas to improve it.

Tom Probert
Pitney Bowes Software

Feb 21, 2013
Thank you Robert, I thought it must be hard also for you to track comments etc. without email notifications. I think that it is very important feature (sure with option to turn it off for people who doesn't want it).
Also at this moment it is maybe not that obvious but if this ideas forum will grow, there will be need to moderate (manage) it. I already see here some ideas which are doubled/tripled and so votes are split. Also the opposite problem is that you want to have only one idea in post but often people write two so I think in that case it should be changed directly from start so people are not voting for two different things at once in one thread. That problem is for example in "Revamped Legend and Graticule Tool" where I got very frustrated with it :-).
Thanks again.

Feb 22, 2013
Oh, sorry. I meant Thank you Tom :-) 

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